Pavilion Theatre, Wintergardens, Blackpool
Saturday October 11th 2014

Theatre Style tickets: £20.00
VIP Table tickets: £25.00

DRESS TO IMPRESS! We will be awarding a prize for the best dressed guest!

Tickets now available for
Burlesque Noir - the Garden of Unearthly Pleasures starring Immodesty Blaize

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Introducing the International Burlesque Queen:


British born Immodesty Blaize is Europe's top showgirl and burlesque queen. As a headline performer, Immodesty's clientele includes Dior, Cartier, Damien Hirst, Depeche Mode, Sony Pictures, and Deutsche Bank, for A-List audiences from Prince Albert of Monaco to Cher and Lauren Bacall.

Immodesty has performed shows in many historic venues internationally such as The Royal Opera House London, State Theatre Sydney, Orpheum Theatre Hollywood, Palace Pisani Venice, Blenheim Palace UK, and various casinos in Las Vegas. She has designed numerous complete theatrical shows over the years, including her critically acclaimed brand of Tease Shows which ran from 2006 onwards. Immodesty has also performed in major shows with artistes such as Goldfrapp, Marc Almond, Scissor Sisters, Bryan Ferry, Nick Cave, Jamie Cullum, Gloria Gaynor, and the late James Brown.

'Because of her influence, burlesque is big right now' THE INDEPENDENT

Immodesty is rightly credited as a trailblazer for the genre, bringing burlesque to the mainstream in Europe over the last 12 years, and winning several titles including the coveted Reigning Queen of Burlesque at the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame. (The only Brit ever to win the title) Immodesty continues to be a major influence in the burlesque renaissance, eg introducing the genre into London's West End theatre back in 2005 for a ground-breaking 5 month run, to producing in 2009 "Burlesque Undressed", a feature length cinematic burlesque documentary which premiered in over 30 countries worldwide. Immodesty also broke the genre into mainstream press and TV featuring for example as a presenter for the BBC and ITV, and performing on major primetime live TV shows such as Paul O'Grady Show and Dancing with the Stars.

Renowned as a 'curves ambassador' with her infamous hourglass shape, Immodesty Blaize is a modern embodiment of a Fellini muse, and she exudes the lost art of ultra-bombshell glamour on stage. Immodesty is particularly known for her long-running signature acts such as her giant rocking horse and 6 foot vintage telephone and she has a wide and varied repertoire carefully built up over the years.

'A spectacle that will not easily be forgotten. She oozed glamour and sensuality of the sort rarely seen in these crude times." DAILY MAIL

Keeping her focus consistently on quality, Immodesty collaborates with renowned designers to create her extravagant show costumes, such as milliners Stephen Jones OBE and Noel Stewart, and numerous established

fashion and theatrical couturiers. With her exotic feline looks and hourglass shape, she shared the catwalk with Marie Helvin for Agent Provocateur's landmark runway show. Rhinestones and feathers aside, Immodesty's larger than life stage presence still shines through as the star of her shows.

'The eighth wonder of the world' PAUL O'GRADY

Off stage, Immodesty has followed in the footsteps of Gypsy Rose Lee, writing two critically acclaimed published novels 'Tease' and 'Ambition' set in the world of showgirls, which charted in the Top 20 in UK and she is currently writing her third. Immodesty frequently speaks to live audiences on various cultural themes; with Oxford University, Hay Literary Festival, National Film Theatre, and National Trust in her past roster, reputedly outselling Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the Hay Literary Festival. In addition Immodesty regularly appears on British television as a pundit and presenter for cultural and fashion features.

The tiger-eyed temptress Immodesty Blaize continues to captivate audiences internationally with her sumptuous curves, high voltage glamour, and world-renowned spectacular stage shows. She currently divides her time between UK and Monaco.

"She is every inch a heroine…watching her you feel genuinely awe-struck as if you'd seen the figure of Britannia rise from her chariot." THE INDEPENDENT

Meet your compere for the evening:


Due to pension cuts and bills to pay Mrs Hawkins came out of retirement to become a Compere.

Since her first appearance she has spent many an afternoon drive on the motorways to introduce some of the finest acts in the country.

Although never married she is known to one and all as "Mrs" to prevent men becoming over friendly with her.

Don't let the grey hair fool you!




The award winning Cadbury Queen herself



ULTIMATE S.A.S.S !!! (Shimmyin' Ass Shakin'Siren!!!)

Violet Blaze is a dynamic performer from Brighton, England, who brings life to the stage in a flash! With wit and charisma, Violet will surely humour you with her sultry, surprising routines!

Her costumes always feature the colour Violet...
the colour of PASSION and ROYALTY!

Inspired by artists such as Perle Noire, Violet brings Sass to the Stage! Having made her USA debut at the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival,and with shows booked in Barcelona and Paris, Violet is officially Blazing WorldWide!

Come and see this international burlesque star for yourself... and decide if YOU were Amazed by
Violet Blaze ...


All the way from Italy, the exotic:


Charming and with a feline touch, Silk Desire, before burlesque, trained as a ballet dancer (Royal Academy of Dancing and Boston Ballet School) and performed in some contemporary dance groups (Botega) and in a Bollywood Crew (Apsaras Dance).

Coming from the magic world of ballet and Opera and having grown up in the beautiful city of 'La Dolce Vita', Rome, she incorporates the elegance of classic lines with a chameleon and playful personality that will charm you into the dream-like world of Burlesque.




The sultry Mistress of the Dark:


Following in the footsteps of her great grandmother Lilly who was herself a burlesque performer, Raven set foot on the stage for the first time at the beginning of 2012, bringing you the delights of neo-burlesque.

Depending on which mood you catch her in, Raven swings between cheeky with dimples and a hint of comedy to sultry with a develish twist.

Raven has already taken part in some of Britain's most prestigious shows, performing in places such as Madame Jojo's in London and all over the UK.

Fast becoming a big name on the British Burlesque scene, with a rapidly growing and devoted fan base, Raven is going places. In fact she has been places! Raven can truly call herself an international star having completed a four week engagement wowing the Aussies at Miss Fortune's Cabaret, part of the Adelaide Fringe Nova Festival. And you don't get more international than that!!!

When not performing Raven is equally at home creating fabulous headdresses or mucking out her horses!

Raven can now add 'Promotor' to her list of achievements.

A cheeky bundle of fun:


Velma Von Bon Bon is a Veritable Tour de Force in Neo-burlesque hilarity!

Voted in the top 20 UK Burlesque Performers 2013 by readers of 21st Century Burlesque Magazine.

An English rose plucked from a pop culture nonsense garden, Velma's unique take on burlesque fuses comedy and glamour in what she likes to call "Glomedy" (please humour her, it makes her feel like a scientist, very silly we know but she does look good in a white coat).

Endearingly silly and daintily sexual, Velma has been setting stages alight (not literally) since 2009. She has ridden her oversized flamingo and peddled her monkey organ quite literally all over the UK and recently popped her International cherry at the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival.

Velma's acts are as unique as her sweet self and guarantee to raise a smile, several in fact, perhaps even the odd belly laugh. Who said sexy can't be funny at the same time? (seriously, who said that, we'll rough 'em up burly style) Sexy. Funny. All That.




The dazzling and sparkling:


Suzie Sequin is an internationally acclaimed burlesque performer, singer and dancer with a 14-year performance background. She has headlined shows all over the UK and tours her own burlesque and cabaret show 'The Looking Glass Burlesque' in various towns and cities across the north and the midlands, with more shows and projects launching in 2014.

She was also named 'Burlesque Beauty 2009' by Rebel Pinups magazine (USA).

Suzie is a highly sought after backing singer and session singer for various musicians and tribute artists, as well as being a successful singer and tribute act in her own right as Marilyn Monroe, Stevie Nicks and Katy Perry.

An established international model, Suzie has worked for photographers and companies in the UK, USA and Canada.

One of the UK's favourite performers, Suzie also teaches the art of burlesque across the country for Burlesque Baby and holds hair and make-up workshops to teach everyone vintage tips and tricks. As the proud owner of 'Sequinned Designs', Suzie create burlesque accessories and costumes for performers and lovers of burlesque from all over the UK.

Suzie is a true triple-threat performer and will bring a sparkle to any stage with her curves made for shaking and a mischievous glint in her eye!

'One of the most influential people in burlesque' (Heidi Bang Tidy. Producer of Bang Tidy Burlesque and the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival)

'One of the best in the business' (Kiki DeVille, singer and compere)

'Suzie Sequin is the saviour of vaudeville, variety and cabaret' (Jessica Walsh, blogger and reviewer)


The dangerous:


"Secrets of the Boudoir Burlesque"'s very own Founder and Performer, Deadly Nightshade took to the stage in 2007.

Now an established Performer, Promoter, Pin up Model and Burlesque Tutor, Deadly has appeared on stages up and down the country for the past six years.

Star of many Burlesque documentaries and publications, Deadly has featured in 'Burlesque Bible', as a recommended Burlesque Tutor and she has also appeared on the TV with the BBC and Channel 4.




Fresh from TV's 'The Voice' the stunning


Australian born Kiki is a professional, polished and downright glamorous entertainer and her ability to make an audience feel like friends of old is well known and highly recommended.

?As a successful session singer in her native Australia, Kiki deVille was a sought after Big Band singer and Session Vocalist. As the civilian singer for the Australian Army Band for almost 12 years, she appeared at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, The Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Mebourne Concert Hall. Her ability to slot in to any musical outfit was admired and her gift with making an audience feel completely at home, kept her very, very busy up until her move in 2003 to The United States of America, where she made a home for herself in Los Angeles, California.

As a regular performer at the famous Babes & Ricky's Inn in the Crenshaw District of L.A., Kiki found herself embraced by the one and only Miss Mickey Champion, a stalwart of the California blues scene and unknowing star of Northern Soul. Under her tutelage, Kiki came to love and cherish the authenticity of American Blues music and alongside incredible young musicians like Johnny Moezzi & Andy Walo she vowed to continue to honour this vibrant genre of music.

Joining Team Will-I-Am on The Voice UK 2014 has seen Kiki flourish, along with cementing her place in the vintage and burlesque world as a world class entertainer.

"Kiki DeVille was born to be on a stage - naturally engaging, entertaining and with a voice to knock your socks off, miss her & you'll miss out!" Pinky deVille, Promoter, Night Train Revue, Rotherham


Larger than life:


Dame Alice Allarse began drag performances whilst based in Brighton many (too many!) years ago.

She gained a degree in performing arts - whilst simultaneously bunking off to tour the UK, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Holland and Austria as part of a look-alike group; the Liquorice Allsorts, and as part of a cabaret trio; the Happy Hippo Show. She also won the title of Alternative Miss Brighton as Miss Immaculate Conception ('96).

Alice has had residencies in Rumours Nightclub, The Faith and Club Rouge in Blackpool and performed in many venues - often as part of a Ladies Night.

Always drawn to the glamour, feathers and rhinestones of burlesque (and being a dab hand at making costumes and props), she has performed in several burlesque shows recently and she is now interested in bringing an element of humorous draglesque to compliment the more traditional burlesque and boylesque!


Tickets now available for
Burlesque Noir - the Garden of Unearthly Pleasures starring Immodesty Blaize



The origins of our this performer have been lost in the mists of time. Hatched from a great black egg, found in a block of Ice or as some say raised by feral sheep in the mountains of Wales. Whatever the truth may be, he has wandered this earth for a lifetime, cramming his brain with stories and tales to tell. Welcome our very own Bard: Jez Hunt

All the way from Australia, The fantastic sword swallowing bearded lady that is, Leopard Lass, Fresh from Coney Island. She will amaze and mezmerize you. Roll up roll up, what treats she has to show you.


Let us meet our magician for the evenings festivities, be prepared to be amazed at the Magic and trickery he has in store for you beautiful people. Simon South .
Once described as ‘the boy next door…until he swallowed those razor blades!’ Simon is swiftly becoming known for his Freaky stunts and his uniquely fun presentation; he creates a modern twist on the traditional sideshow act.

No side show would be complete without a Tattooed Lady, and true to form we have tracked down Mighty Mo. As well as being a regular at tattoo conventions and gatherings up and down the country, Mo is quite the celebrity appearing in various publications and magazines. well on schedule to completing her full body suit come meet the woman who feels no pain. we bring you Mighty Mo.

We have for your viewing pleasure , and here to entertain you with his feats of sheer strength is the one, the only, Sir Midnight Blues. A true dynamo and true Strong Man of the modern day!

No side show would be complete without a Fiji mermaid, well we searched the world but alas it would seem all the sideshows still in existence have all the Fiji mermaids. So we had to bag ourselves a Mermaid fresh from the cool dark waters of Zennor Cove, Cornwall. So lock up your sons as we have for one night only The Mermaid of Zennor. Our Ocean beauty has gifts from the deep, will you be one of the lucky ones she chooses to bestow her gifts upon?



A little bit of history .....

Often overshadowed by the Opera House Theatre, the Pavilion is a stunning theatre in its own right.

In 1885 it received a new proscenium and private boxes, but was extensively altered in 1897 when the floor was lowered and tilted towards the stage.

After entertaining audiences as a cinema with 'Talkies' from the early 1930's, it fell into disuse for long periods and only resumed occasional use as a theatre, including old-time music hall shows in the late 1990's.

Hopefully Burlesque Noir will return to this fabulous intimate venue again!



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Tickets now available for
Burlesque Noir - the Garden of Unearthly Pleasures starring Immodesty Blaize


All artistes correct at time of publishing. Artistes may vary due to unforseen circumstances.